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Obtaining Personal Insurance On Household Pets
Some people view pet ownership as simply a way of bringing a new member into the family unit. They want the pet to have the best of care in all stages of life just as they would want any family member to have...

Guest Author: Jim Brown

Some people view pet ownership as simply a way of bringing a new member into the family unit. They want the pet to have the best of care in all stages of life just as they would want any family member to have. Obtaining personal insurance policies for pets can be quite complex at times because there are unusual circumstances that might affect the cost of insurance coverage.
Some personal insurance policies for pets require the pet to be in good health at the start of the policy. These pet insurance policies are usually provided by veterinarians and will usually only provide a certain dollar amount of coverage if the pet is hit by a car or suffers an injury while at home. Broken bones might be charged at a higher rate at some veterinarian offices and the insurance reimbursement for these charges will be paid at the absolute minimum.
Other veterinarians offer full coverage on the personal insurance policies for pets that they sponsor. They feel that a family pet deserves the best medical care possible and this includes routine visits for check-ups that are not viewed as an emergency. The emergencies might require long-term kennel care which might add to the cost of the personal pet insurance policy but homeowner expect some things to be excluded from any policy they put in force.
Some groups have formed insurance companies that are willing to include pets under their coverage umbrella. These groups have done a good job on concentrating coverage to specific areas of an animal's life. They are willing to give well animal visits in the first stages of life and reduce the price of the visits to veterinarians that have joined the group and agree to charges that these groups think is fair.
Some veterinarians working for their own interests might be willing to provide personal insurance coverage that performs limited services for a discounted rate of at least 25 percent off the regular prices. The care that a pet receives might include regular dental cleaning, worming and a thorough inspection of ears and outer extremities. Surgical procedures will not be included on these low-cost pet insurance agreements.
Pet insurance was created because some pet owners could not afford to take a pet to a veterinarian on a regular basis. Harder decisions had to be made when the pet got injured and the cost of repairing these injuries put the family's financial savings in jeopardy. Instead of making a decision to save the pet and make the needed repairs to bones or provide treatments for cancer and other incurable diseases, some pet owners had to make the decision to euthanize the pet and put it out of its misery.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/insurance-articles/obtaining-personal-insurance-on-household-pets-403878.html

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