Do I have to be Gay or Lesbian to join your site?

Absolutely Not.

We don’t discriminate – Our goal is to provide potential clients with a competitive source to obtain insurance for a residence, second home, or vacation property without the fear of working with someone whose views and opinions of the gay and lesbian community are not known.

Gay, Lesbian, or Gay Friendly are all welcome!

What about the cost?

A single line 1 city text only listing see sample at GaySurance.com is just $99.00 per year. A full profile listing see sample is $149.00 per year and is always at the top of the search results, plus you may add the insurance products you offer and add multiple cities that you service.


Why would I advertise my insurance business here vs. elsewhere?

Because 85% of all new searches for an Insurance agent and product begin on-line. It's no different for those searching for a Gay or Gay-Friendly Insurance Agent. GaySurance.com is at the top or near the top of every search for "Gay Insurance", "Gay Insurance Agents", "LGBTQ Insurance" and hundreds of other terms. allowing you to target market this lucrative niche.