Domestic Household Content

Get a content insurance quote and choose a policy with adequate coverage to help with the financial devastation of losing belongings in a fire or flood.
Fire, flood, or other disaster damage can cripple a family without adequate insurance coverage. Many people mistakenly believe that their insurance for homeowners or their landlord's insurance policy will cover the loss of personal belongings and household items. Often, these are not included unless specifically requested and added to the insurance policy.

The Difference Between House and Content Insurance

Homeowner insurance may have additional coverage for personal property or include household items in the policy. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure their insurance policy offers adequate coverage to not only rebuild or repair their home, but to replace household items, as well.

Household content insurance is sometimes called tenant insurance or renters insurance. Landlord building insurance policies typically do not provide coverage for tenant belongings. Each tenant is responsible for insuring their own household items and maintaining the monthly premium or annual fee.